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Friday, 23 December 2005

Merry Christmas 2005

Dan Clowes Ice Haven

Dan Clowes is a master Comics storyteller, known for his comic Eightball. Stories published in Eightball have included Ghost World, Art School Confidential, David Boring, and The Death Ray. However, this entry is looking at Eightball #22, featuring the story Ice Haven.

Ice Haven is one story cleverly told using multiple viewpoints and different styles, mimicking an anthology format. The story is based around a missing person, but actually is more interested in the relationships between characters, and the human faults and dreams each person possesses.

The story has been reformatted and republished as a Graphic Novel (available on HERE.

The hardback edition has some additional sequences, which in the spirit of Lost and Found, are presented here for your enjoyment. I urge you to purchase the book, it really is a fantastic read.
Continue Reading

This 2.2MB file contains sequences which would have appeared as follows in the Eightball comic:

001 - Cover
002 - Intro (before page 1)
003 - Between pages 10 and 11
004 - Between pages 26 and 27
005 - replacing page 37

For those that bought the book, this 1MB file contains the original comic cover, plus the original version of the Book's page 84 (page 37 in the comic)

Wednesday, 21 December 2005


I am now part of the Bugpowder collective, posting news and links relating to the UK small press comics scene (and beyond!). When I get round to actually posting something, that is. If you have anything to announce, submit via or let me know.

Wednesday, 14 December 2005

Gift Wrapping Formula for Christmas

I originally posted this a few years back, but thought it was a timely opportunity for a reminder:

The formula for a piece of paper to wrap a parcel (dimensions L(Length)*B(Breadth)*H(Height)) is as follows:

(2L+2H+X)*(B+H+X), where X is the required overlap.

This is a more economic version of the widely used version, which was promoted in the national press as being the most economical solution, probably by wrapping paper companies. By using my formula, a saving of H-X per present can be made. Think of all the mince pies that could buy.

Monday, 28 November 2005

Christmas Lists


Lots of nice DVDs at Amazon (and/or CD Wow) I wouldn't mind for Christmas, including the Recut, Extended, Unrated Sin City (Region 1), Batman Begins, Star Wars 3, Clone Wars cartoons, The Mighty Boosh (Series 2 not out until February, unfortunately), Nathan Barley, ...

Plus at Amazon, books like Smoke, Top 10, Powers...

CD's too, like Aimee Mann's the Forgotten Arm, Tori Amos Original Bootlegs, Johnny Cash, John Lennon, Eminem...

I am really easy to buy for. I'm very good, I avoid buying things I want in the lead up to Christmas, and am quite happy with booze and food too. I am almost a pleasure to buy for, so much so that random strangers should buy me things to see how much fun it is!

24 Minute Comic #2

The second 24 Minute Comic, created at the Brighton Comic Expo by a cast of loads (including myself on Page 1) can be found HERE.

(The first one is HERE.)

Tuesday, 22 November 2005

Brighton Comic Expo

A big hello to anyone I spoke to at the weekend (and anyone I didn't - Sorry!). A great weekend was had by all.

I picked up lots of nice things, including small press stuff by David Baillie, Dan Goodbrey and Doug Noble. Treated myself to a nice original page by Bryan Talbot from Luther Arkwright, now hanging in my living room.

Took part in the 24 Minute comic too, available next year in Just One Page, and possible elsewhere. That was great fun.

I dished out a big stack of Uncanny Fish1000.Biz Yarns - If you are finding this site for the first time, welcome! Hope you like what you find here.

Fish1000.Biz Promo

Issue One of Uncanny Yarns was released into the world at the Brighton Comic Expo - Congratulations if you picked up a copy!

If you were not able to find it, you can read it here:

Heres a print version:

Read Online:

Friday, 4 November 2005

Comics Page Updated

Added a few more comics for sale - Including Grimjack, Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. and more.

I'll be at the Brighton Comic Expo, so if you'll be there, and you want to save on postage charges, order now and I'll bring the comics along.

Grant Morrison - House of Hearts Desire

Further to my previous entry on Grant's early work in Starblazer comic, here's another little peek at a rare early comics work, this time published in 1989's A1 issue 3, from Atomeka Press.

The House of Hearts Desire was a collaboration with Dom Regan for the A1 anthology, squeezed between stories by some of the UK's finest, plus more than a few international stars.

Continue Reading...

This short story is notable for an early mention of Barbelith, of which Morrison writes: "The word 'BARBELiTH' is derived from a dream I had when I was about 20 or 21 and coincided with my first structured 'magical' experiences and a minor nervous breakdown (in the dream, BARBELiTH was the name of some higher dimension or alternate reality)." The concept would be repeated throughout Morrison's later work, including New Adventures of Hitler (on which I plan to be writing something soon), Doom Patrol, Flex Mentallo, and of course the epic Invisibles.

As Morrison's script begins, it could almost be a prologue to a Doom Patrol adventure, featuring as it does the strange and unusual contrasted against a familiar, almost pedestrian background.

As the story progresses, it veers into more abstract territory, and the mood becomes the main character, and the dream overtakes the reality. Regan's art keeps pace perfectly, communicating the story well, while retaining its own expressiveness.

Atomeka Press is currently repackaging some of the work from early issues of A1, so this story may see print again at some point in the future. In the meantime, enjoy these few snippets from the 7-page tale.

Wednesday, 12 October 2005

I've just bought this domain name, so while everything here is still hosted at my Blogspot and ISP Webspace, now you can reach the site through the easier-to-remember FISH1000.BIZ! Update your bookmarks now!

I'll be fiddling with the existing webpages to reflect this, so expect to see a few small changes to the page design, hopefully making everything clearer in the process.

(I bought the domain through, for the sale price of $2.99/year)

Friday, 7 October 2005

Logans Comics

I make the occasional comic for my nephew, Logan. Invariably, he is the star, though sometimes the version that appears may be slightly older than Logan's (almost) 4 years. The choice of co-star is usually down to him too.

Speed is normally of the essence when throwing these together, so niceties like plot and polished artwork go out the window.

This one is the 'third' issue, and was folded A5. The first two are at the bottom of a toybox or landfill somewhere. Click on the picture to see the whole thing. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 28 September 2005

24 Minute Comic Online

The snazzy 24 Minute Comic by Mike 'Hellblazer' Carey and a cast of 10's is now online HERE. Go and have a read. I drew one of the pages, but don't let that put you off.

Monday, 26 September 2005

Just One Page Auctions

There are stacks of great original artwork and magazines to bid on, with proceeds going to the well deserved charity Childline. Eventually, my contribution will be auctioned too, but in the meantime check out the fine work on offer.

Monday, 15 August 2005

Comics Page Updated

More comics for sale added, including:
Star Wars, Faction Paradox (Dr Who), Wolverine, Terra Obscura, Y The Last Man, Ultimate Elektra, Nevada, Mek, Amazing Heroes, Strangers in Paradise, Tokyo Storm Warning, JLA Classified, Leave it to Chance, Bizarre Heroes, 2000ad Extreme Edition, Nightwing, War Stories, Heart of Empire, Monolith, Firestorm, Hawkman, Batgirl, Gotham Central, Superman, Batman, Ultimate Fantastic Four and Deadman.

Scoot on over, and get yourself some bargains.

Wednesday, 3 August 2005

Graphic Novels for sale

Just because the link says "Comics for sale", don't think that there aren't a heap of graphic novel collections, prestige editions, annuals and more on offer. Here is a selection:

2000AD Annual 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1983
Ammo Armageddon 1
Astro City Family Album Graphic Novel
Beavis and Butthead Annual
Buck Danny De Jappen Vallen Aan
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Crash Test Demons
Batman: Child of Dreams Hardcover
Batman: Contagion     ...Click here for full list...
Batman Forever Novelisation (Hardback)
Batman Annual (UK) 1979, 1980, 1995
Batman Adventures Annual (UK) 1996
Batman: Master of the Future Prestige Format
Batman: 10 Nights of the Beast Graphic Novel
Batman: The Collected Adventures
Batman: The Last Angel Graphic Novel
Batman Vs Predator II Graphic Novel
Batman: Tales of the Dark Knight (History of Batman)
Chronicles of Genghis Grimtoad Graphic Novel
Daredevil Marked For Death Graphic Novel
Dazzler: The Movie Graphic Novel
Doctor Strange Into Shamballa Graphic Novel
Dreadstar Metamorphosis Odyssey Book 3 Graphic Novel
Excalibur Weird War III
Fantastic Annual 1968
Gambit Graphic Novel
Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn
Green Lantern: Emerald Knights Graphic Novel
Hawk & Dove Graphic Novel
Hellblazer (UK) Reprints 1-4
How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way
Iron Man Crash Graphic Novel
Jack Staff: Yesterday's Heroes Graphic Novel
Judge Dredd The Making Of
Judge Dredd Collection 5
Jurassic Park Film Adaptation
Lone Sloane Delirius Graphic Novel
Love & Rockets Love & Rockets, Mechanics Graphic Novels
Marvel Annual 1975: Hulk
Planet of the Capes Graphic Novel
Punisher, The Return to Big Nothing Hardcover
SHAZAM, The Power of Graphic Novel
Sleeze Brothers
Spider Man Reprints Amazing Spider-Man 301-303
Star Wars: Episode One Graphic Novel
Starship Troopers GN
Star Slammers Graphic Novel
Super Powers UK Annual 1984
Superman: Under a Yellow Sun Graphic Novel
Superman: The Earth Stealers Graphic Novel
Superheroes Special Edition UK Annual 1
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Vol 2 - reprints 12, 13, 14
Transformers The Complete Works: Part 1 and 2 (reprints US 1-4)
Valiant Era Collection, The Graphic Novel
Wildstar Sky Zero GN

Witchblade / Darkness Family Ties GN
Wolverine: Not Dead Yet (Ellis/Yu)
X-Men Executions Book 2 (Jim Lee)

That's not even mentioning some of the great complete storylines available for you to buy. Feeling tempted? Go on, treat yourself. We both know you want to.

Tuesday, 2 August 2005

London Comic Shops

There's a nice rundown of the Central London Comic Shops, with photos and links to maps, on this weeks Lying in the Gutters column, about halfway down the page.

Tuesday, 26 July 2005


I've enabled the Atom.xml feed, so you can syndicate this site using your RSS aggregator (You can now use Google to aggregate RSS/Atom).

Hope that made sense to some of you!

Monday, 23 May 2005

Grant Morrison - Starblazer

It's probably obvious to comic-savvy folk from looking around the site, that I'm quite fond of Grant Morrisons writing - And with the writers current level of popularity, there is increasing interest elsewhere in his older works. This entry is intended to be a semi-regular overview of various points in Morrisons comics career. Future entries may include snippets from Near Myths, New Adventures of Hitler, Zoids, and whatever else I can think of. Each article will be accompanied by just enough scans to whet the appetite.

Grant Morrison has been in comics for longer than most people might think. Now a top-selling critically acclaimed writer for DC and Marvel (and occasionally elsewhere), Morrison started out writing and drawing adventure stories for Scottish publisher DC Thompson, as well as creating self published works that would be revisited later in his career. Here's a look at some of the REAL early stuff:

Continue Reading...

Starblazer 15 (1979) Algol the Terrible

Star Wars was an obvious inspiration for this tale of spacefarers, javelin-hurling masked men and outlaw space pirates with a mysterious family background. Herne is the hardened adventuring hero of the piece, who teams up with teenage boy Hal in a plot involving mystical medallions and diverse planetary landscapes, as they fulfil their destinies, all the while avoiding the javelin wielding armoured warlord of the title. Selected images are here:
Pages 6 and 7
Pages 12 and 13
Pages 18 and 19
Pages 20 and 21
Pages 22 and 23
Pages 24 and 25
Pages 40 and 41
Pages 64 and 65

Starblazer 28 (1980) Last Man on Earth

Keith Robson provided the art for Morrison story in this, his second issue of eight for Starblazer. Here, we see a lone teen hero travelling through our solar system battling an insane dictatorial computer tyrant, culminating in a showdown in the devastated remains of London with a mystical equation for immortality at stake. Again, it's nowhere near his later standards, but occasionally we see a nugget of characterisation poking through the purple prose.

Pages 8 and 9
Pages 10 and 11
Pages 12 and 13
Pages 50 and 51
Pages 60 and 61
Pages 65 and 65
Page 66

Saturday, 21 May 2005

Fish1000 Comics - First Issue!!!!

Four exclamation marks is just enough to suggest the thrills that are in store for readers of my new comic. Is it a treatise on the comic form? an action story? An advertisment? A shameless ploy? No, it's ALL FOUR AND MORE!

Exclusive 'Making Of' features (It's almost like having the dvd, isn't it?):

The Making of
I scribbled a rough (click here to see the preliminary sketch), then traced it (the final result was pretty much 1:1 scale), inked it, scanned it, then did some grays on the PC, lettered it and printed it. Then bought the tea!

This comic made its debut on the Millarworld table at the Bristol Comic Expo, where it was available with a free tea bag, making the experience truly interactive:

Read Online:

Thursday, 12 May 2005

Fish1000 Comics at the Bristol Expo

Hello! This is a pre-emptive greeting to anyone who may have arrived here from picking up my flyer at the Bristol Comics Expo or elsewhere.

I just wanted to extend a hearty welcome, pour yourself a drink, put your feet up if you have them, and have a good old click around. Enjoy your stay, and let me know if you have anything to improve the site.

I hope everything is clearly labelled and easy to find, let me know if you have any problems, you can drop me an email or leave a comment.


Friday, 6 May 2005

Bristol Comic Expo

The Bristol Comic Expo is just one week away - I'll be loitering around the usual places (ie. the Bar, etc), come and say Hi if you see me.

I'll have some free promo comics to give away, so if you happen to see a copy of 'Fish1000 Comics', pick one up and let me know what you think of my shameless marketing ploy. You can probably find them at the Millarworld table. I'll be making an online version available here soon for the poor deprived souls that can never be complete without a copy.

Also look out for my contribution to Just One Page, my one is Animal Man vs Ambush Bug. Plus I've got a page in the 24 Minute Comic supplement available at the same location, the joint 'Just One Page/Commercial Suicide table. Proceeds to charity, and all that. Sadly, I didn't manage to complete my Commercial Suicide submission (though 'HitMan About the House' may appear in some form in a later edition), but you should still buy a copy, because Kieron, Alex et al are a nice bunch of people, and don't deserve to carry lots of boxes home with them.

If any attendees would like to buy comics from me, let me know and I can save you the postage costs by hand delivering them at the Expo.

Thursday, 14 April 2005

Who Should You Vote For?

Take the quiz on this site , and see who you SHOULD be voting for in the UK elections. The answers may surprise you.

Wednesday, 6 April 2005

Dan's Picks: James Robinson's Starman Comic

Starman was a great Super-Hero comic, dealing with themes of Legacy and the transition into responsible adulthood. It completely deserves the critical acclaim it has received. It ran through one 80 issue comic series (plus a few related spin-offs), but DC Comics is reprinting the issues in Trade Paperback collections, so if you're looking for something new to read and have not tried this, it's something to consider. The books celebrate the rich history of the character from the 1940's onwards, which is rewarding if you have a basic knowledge of the older comics, but they are written in such a way that they should not scare off newer readers.

There is a handy 7-part overview on the Silver Bullets Comic Books 'Silver Soapbox' column, and while I don't agree with all of the reviewers comments, the synopses are handy if you want to find out more.


Starman books are available on and

(Incidently, I have a few issues for sale here if you want to try!)

Tuesday, 29 March 2005

More Comics for sale

I've added some more comics for sale, including Batman: Child of Dreams hardcover, Battle of the Planets, Avengers/JLA, Astro City, Planet of the Capes...

Friday, 11 March 2005

Money Saving Expert

Subscribe to This Free Mailing List by Sunday Night, and 50p will be donated to Comic Relief. You can always unsubscribe later if you don't like it.

UK Web & Mini Comix Thing 2005

The UK Web & Mini Comix Thing 2005 is just a week away! Check out the website for details, and I hope to see you there.

Tuesday, 8 March 2005

Web Design

I am available for web design work - Prices/bribes negotiable. As well as designing this site, my HTML coding skills have been utilised in the past for the (old) official UK Comic Festival site, Hotel Fred and Just One Page websites.

You can pay me in cash, free stuff, or even just a link to my website, depending on how generous I'm feeling.

Monday, 28 February 2005


If you've just arrived from Newsarama, you'll probably want to go HERE - But don't let that stop you from taking a look around!

Wednesday, 23 February 2005

Just 1 Page: latest art previews

There's a preview panel from my upcoming Animal Man vs Ambush Bug one page story, also featured is a gorgeous Phil Winslade pin-up, and much more.

Keep an eye out here, or on the Just 1 Page updates for when you can buy a copy.

Tuesday, 22 February 2005

Ambush Bug vs Animal Man

For "Just One Page" magazine issue 3, the story YOU demanded - Ambush Bug vs Animal Man!

Monday, 14 February 2005

Lost and Found - Captain Britain

Updated the Lost and Found page with the colour version of the missing Captain Britain page. The missing page is to be restored in the new printing, so now there's no reason not to buy a copy!

(Thanks to Lying in the Gutters)

Friday, 4 February 2005

Gorilla Chess

The Marvelous Michael Netzer drew this magnificent sketch for me, which I've added to my online gallery of pro sketches - Click the image above to enlarge, and browse the other drawings.

Just 1 Page 3 is coming!

Just 1 Page #3 is on it's way - I'll be contributing a one-page story alongside a host of much better artists.

You can see some previews on the site, and buy a copy in May online or at the Comic Expo. There'll also be a chance to contribute and see some pages being created at the UK Web & Mini Comix Thing 2005

Wednesday, 26 January 2005