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Saturday, 21 May 2005

Fish1000 Comics - First Issue!!!!

Four exclamation marks is just enough to suggest the thrills that are in store for readers of my new comic. Is it a treatise on the comic form? an action story? An advertisment? A shameless ploy? No, it's ALL FOUR AND MORE!

Exclusive 'Making Of' features (It's almost like having the dvd, isn't it?):

The Making of
I scribbled a rough (click here to see the preliminary sketch), then traced it (the final result was pretty much 1:1 scale), inked it, scanned it, then did some grays on the PC, lettered it and printed it. Then bought the tea!

This comic made its debut on the Millarworld table at the Bristol Comic Expo, where it was available with a free tea bag, making the experience truly interactive:

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