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Friday, 6 May 2005

Bristol Comic Expo

The Bristol Comic Expo is just one week away - I'll be loitering around the usual places (ie. the Bar, etc), come and say Hi if you see me.

I'll have some free promo comics to give away, so if you happen to see a copy of 'Fish1000 Comics', pick one up and let me know what you think of my shameless marketing ploy. You can probably find them at the Millarworld table. I'll be making an online version available here soon for the poor deprived souls that can never be complete without a copy.

Also look out for my contribution to Just One Page, my one is Animal Man vs Ambush Bug. Plus I've got a page in the 24 Minute Comic supplement available at the same location, the joint 'Just One Page/Commercial Suicide table. Proceeds to charity, and all that. Sadly, I didn't manage to complete my Commercial Suicide submission (though 'HitMan About the House' may appear in some form in a later edition), but you should still buy a copy, because Kieron, Alex et al are a nice bunch of people, and don't deserve to carry lots of boxes home with them.

If any attendees would like to buy comics from me, let me know and I can save you the postage costs by hand delivering them at the Expo.

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