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Monday, 30 March 2009

Schmurgen Con

This past Saturday, the latest UK Web and Mini Comix Thing took place at Mile End in London. However, not too far down the road, the inaugural Schmurgen Con took place at the Globe pub. I was there, perhaps you were too. If not, let me tell you all about it, in an uncompromising style worthy of Schmurgen himself.

Schmurgen Jonerhaffs, 22 has reportedly been a pretty well known character round the European comics scene for a while, but in the past year and a half or so has been making friends at the UK conventions. Unable to afford a table at the well established UK Web and Mini Comix Thing this year, Schmurgen decided to call in a few favours, and organise his own low-cost convention down the road. Astonishingly, in less than a week, the event was organised and advertised through Social Networking sites, and on 28th March, a little after 1pm, proceedings began.

Unfortunately, there was one notable absence for most of the day - Schmurgen himself. According to friends, Mr Jonerhaffs had been involved in an altercation in which he suffered a stab wound to the leg. Despite (or perhaps due to) heavy medication, Schmurgen popped by briefly in the afternoon, sans trademark wrestling mask, but had to make a swift exit due to extreme pain. His spirit was very much in attendance however, with art prints exhibited around the room, and a quickly assembled minicomic on sale (unsurprisingly, the comic was a sellout!)

The event was considered a great success by all present. Before passing out, cartoonist Dan Lester remarked "for me Schmurgen Con will probably turn out to the the best UK comic convention this year", high praise indeed. How many conventions offer free entry, chips on the house, cocktails, and sell table selling space for only £2.31 to small pressers? (Not to mention a Schmurgen-con exclusive 'Giant Size Gary the Blu Tac Dog"?)

David Baillie added: "Considering that he organised this awesome show, single-handedly, in a country foreign to him, in under a week... I think Schmurgen should be nominated for an Eagle Award!"

If you missed out on Schmurgen Con 1, Im told he plans to make them a regular affair - Look out for signs around any of the upcoming UK conventions, and keep your eye on facebook for announcements and at his blog The final word must go to Schmurgen himself: "Thank you to all who make Schmurgen con a success! I had much fun in two hours I was there, even though everyone too drunk to notice I came! Next Schmurgen con going to be even more uncompromising!"

Sunday, 1 March 2009

LUC 176 Announcement

London Underground Comics has announced LUC176, an event on 12th June to be held in London. Free entry to visitors, and VERY reasonable charge for exhibitor tables promise to make this an exceedingly good day (as Rudyard Kipling, I think, once said).