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Fish1000 Comics

Welcome to Fish1000 Comics, the repository of knowledge devoted to comics* created by me.

Many of these can be read online here, bartered, stolen or purchased from me, or occasionally found in comic shops, or lying dust-covered in some unexpected place. Perhaps behind that sideboard that still stands in your parents house. Best check next time you visit.

April 2013

Trevor the Ant's Enormous Escapades in Time

Free minicomic, available online and at selected comicshops

July 2012

50 Shades of Grape

Free 'novelette' minicomic, available online and at selected comicshops

March 2012

Zombies vs Dinosaurs

An exciting new webcomic!

November 2011

Fish1000 Comics Compendium #1

To debut at Thoughtbubble 2011, this mini-compilation will include some favourite strips, plus a couple of new bits!

October 2011

Just 1 Page: Even an Android...

Colour sketch donated to the Just 1 Page exhibition in Orbital comics - Proceeds to Macmillan.

August 2011

Austerity Comics: Crossover on Finite Budget

This mega-epic crossover team-up shows how it should be done, saving you £££'s in pointless tie-ins!!
One page strip for CAPTION 2011 programme, under the theme of 'Austerity'.

March 2011

Pilot Ranger-B

What happens when one member of a five-piece combining-robot fighting-team decides to follow the path of pacifism?
Available online and wherever you find it!

August 2010


This instructional pamphlet contains useful science tips for scientists working in the field of Science Robotics.
Appeared in the CAPTION 2010 programme

July 2010

Trevor the Ant and the Flying Monkeys of DOOM

Trevor the Ant returns, in another action packed adventure! This time, how will our hero react to one of the most irksome swarms to face modern society - Flying Monkeys!
Debuted at CAPTION 2010, available online and wherever you find it!

March 2010

Dan Fish's Tales of the Dinosaurs

This one-page strip highlights one of the dangers of overdoing it at the gym, in an action-packed yarn salvaged from before recorded time! Based on a true story, possibly.
Appeared in the Thing Dinosaur Anthology.

Feb 2010

Foot-Balls of Fury!

Neither Roy of the Rovers nor Billy the Fish ever had to win an important match during an epic alien squid invasion. Or if they did, I don't remember reading anything about it! Perfectly pitched at the football/alien invasion demographic, this important tale will knock your (football) socks off.
A minicomic in Fish1000-o-scope.

Oct 2009

Deja Vu

The professors new invention is the best thing since sliced bread! but what is the secret behind the feeling of Deja Vu it engenders? This mind-bending never-ending comic will attempt to show you the answer, just don't get lost within it!
A minicomic in Fish1000-o-scope
Debuted at BICS 2009

August 2009


One page strip exploring the deep issues inherent in todays modern society, and kebabs.
My strip for the Caption 2009 'Fairies' themed programme

Jul 2009

The Moon's a Balloon

An online strip for Down The Tubes, celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Moon landing.

Jun 2009

Harvey Gingham - Excerpt 1

An excerpt from the currently non-existent life story of an extraordinary chap (who happens to have been blessed with a furry face) and his unusual life. Planned as part of a larger work, this is the only part to have surfaced to date.
A minicomic in Fish1000-o-scope

Feb 2009

A Tale of Two Fishies

What happens when two twins reach 60 years of age? They get their life celebrated in comics form, that's what! Answers the age old question, how can you tell those twins apart?
An online exclusive minicomic in Fish1000-o-scope

Dec 2008


Gary the blu-tac dog actually existed. I was told how he was created, and how he died. But don't be sad, he was just blu-tac! He doesn't really have feelings.
A minicomic in Fish1000-o-scope

Sep 2008


Some people say there aren't enough adverts in comics. How is anyone supposed to know what to buy? Come closer to an answer with this minicomic, which debuted at BICS2008.
A minicomic in Fish1000-o-scope

Mar 2008

Trevor the Ant's Big Adventure

Trevor the Ant has another adventure, in a world too large to contain him!
A minicomic in Fish1000-o-scope

Dec-2003 to March 2008

Rogue Idol

This three-part webstrip originally ran on, but finds a new more permanent home here. Our hero is a realiy-show popstar, thrust into a world of arcane magic and unscrupulous manipulators working towards dark ends... His efforts to break free force him to take actions which means he must go rogue, on the run from the law and the music industry that made him, and would destroy him.
Part 1: Pop Tart,
Part 2: A Hards Dazed Night,
Part 3: Poplife.
Free webcomic, available to read online.

Oct 2007

Baffling Mysteries #1

You will find out whodunnit, in a chilling tale with a twist!
A minicomic in Fish1000-o-scope

Apr 2007

Dead Elvis

In a futuristic world, what has society become, and why is the cult of Elvis the key to understanding?
A minicomic in Fish1000-o-scope

Jan 2007

Important Stuff

A 5-page strip in Colour for the UK Web and Mini Comix Thing Anthology 2007.
A true story about the ones we love after they've gone, and how they'll always be here despite that.
Available to read online

Dec 2006

Boozy Bird

A one-off webcomic introducing a new breed of hero! (or something). Not much to say about this one!
Available to read online

Oct 2006

Dan Fish's Musical Jamboree Comic

A light-hearted yarn featuring the worlds leading chimp superstar inadvertently stumbles upon the secrets of Creativity, revelaing the source of all original thought. An answer to "Where do you get your ideas from?"
A minicomic in Fish1000-o-scope

Oct 2006


A 24 Hour Comic completed at the ICA, about life's plans, and what happens when you least expect it.
Available to buy or swap, or download.

Jun 2006

'I am Superman'

Created with a REMIX theme for CAPTION, by twisting the brief a little, and illustrating an REM song in IX (9) panel grid form.
available to read online

May 2006

Those Da Vinci Coders Vs Transformas

Before either film was released, and having not read Dan Brown's fiction bestseller, this is my interpretation intertwining the backstory of the Transformers with facts and balderdash from the Bible (which might also be described as a fiction bestseller), revealed via clues in the body of Da Vinci's most famous works!
A minicomic in Fish1000-o-scope featuring giant robots and ancient conspiracies!

Mar 2006

Tall Thin Comic Adventures (Starring Trevor the Ant)

Trevor the Ant debuts in this mini-minicomic, which shows what life might be like if you were an ant (called Trevor).
Free and available online.
Read a review on this other website.

Feb 2006

Godzilla and Giant Robot Footballer 2

A Japanese themed page for the football-inspired edition of Just 1 Page charity magazine

Jan 2006

Love on the Rocks

A 2-page strip originally published in Portent Presents #2, now available here. Explores the complexities of dating, in a world populated by super-powered goodies and baddies.

Nov 2005

Uncanny Fish1000.Biz Yarns

A surreal exploration into free choice and the worlds that exist around us, delivered in the form of a minicomic in Fish1000-o-scope

Dans Magic Pencil

Short Webstrip originally hosted at the UK Web and Mini-Comix thing website, now online here.

Jul 2005

'Silence in the Sand'

A 3-page ghost story originally published in the 2006 Misty Halloween Special (See
Available to purchase here, now online here.

Apr 2005

Fish1000 Comics

A minicomic in Fish1000-o-scope. Originally issued with free tea-bag. Features Ninjas and Tea.
Free and available to read online

Jan 2005

Ambush Bug Vs Animal Man

One page strip in Just One Page issue 3, starring two favourite DC characters.

Alien Card

30th Birthday card I drew for a friend that likes Aliens
Online Here.

Sep 2004


6 page strip by Rich Johnston and Daniel Fish for Commercial Suicide 2.0.

Feb 2004

UK Splendor

Slice-of-life comic strip inspired by the American Splendor Comic/Film
available online

Feb 2004

Dan & Minnie

One page pin-up for "Just One Page" issue 2: Brits available online

Feb 2004

Deaths Head

Marvel UK Character sketch submission for the May 2004 Comic Festival Childline Auction

Oct 2003


My 'Cerebus The Aardvark' sketches sold (for £10!) at the November 2003 Comic Festival Childline Auction

*Comics: They're a simple combination of words and pictures normally forming some sort of narrative to tell a story or provoke an emotional response. They're the best way to explain difficult concepts clearly, and when done well, can comfortably sit alongside any other Great Art the world has produced so far. Especially mine.