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Thursday, 1 December 2016

Shared calendars not showing up in Android

This is not a techie blog, but here's my solution to an annoying thing:

Sometimes, google calendar in android does not show up calendars which have been shared to you.

Here's how I fixed it on my Moto G4:

Settings>Apps>Calendar>Data Usage>App Settings>
Now click on the name of the calendar which isn't showing up
Activate 'Sync'

Hey Presto! Sorted.

Friday, 18 November 2016

The terrifying secret of Teletubbies and Mr Tumble

Earth had been aware of them for some time, the inhabitants of dimension 2B. They'd seemed harmless in the beginning; like oversized toddlers, with rudimentary speech; 'Eh-Oh' they'd excitedly repeat over and over, running around, overexcited. They'd been receiving our broadcasts too, learning about us. Somehow, they'd evolved the ability to view our television signals on their abdominal patches, a talent which had earned them their designation, Tele-2B's, or Teletubbies.  It wasn't until more recently that other terrifying aspects of their life cycle became clear. The Teletubbies were breeding. The four known beings had somehow gained 8 offspring, designated Tiddlytubbies.

It was a natural extrapolation that Earth scientists would determine the next stage of the lifecycle of the creatures from dimension 2B: the Terrortubbies were coming.

And this is what led to possibly humanity's most heinous experiment: Project Tumble.

It was determined that a certain set of skills would be required to successfully engage and extinguish the Terrortubby threat. In order to counter the ridiculous nature of the tubbies, it was determined that circus skills, combined with teleportational magic could be used in the most lethal fashion. A spell was devised. By coating the creatures in supercharged dots, taking your finger, touching your nose, then blinking three times, the Terrortubbies touchscreen tummies would be ripped out and teleported across time and space. To this end, a volunteer was required, one with basic clowning skills. That volunteer was named Justin Fletcher.

A team of scientists began the arduous task of cloning Justin, splicing his DNA with various elements to enhance his clowning potential. In order to successfully cover the creatures with the supercharged dots, Justin's clumsiness would need to be enhanced to super luminous levels.

Initially, the Justins appeared similar. One Justin had something special, another was confined to a specially designed house, with a robot butler to increase his clownishness. A bevy of Justin's were deployed in different guises, known as the Gigglebiz variations. Eventually, it would be the extremely clown like 'Tumble' variants which would emerge as Earths best hope. Between them, the teleportation spell was perfected, and employed regularly to transport the 'Tumble Tap' between remote locations.

Now it is only a matter of time before Tubbies and Tumbles must encounter each other, on the battlefield. Although there is a danger that the Tumbles could become too powerful... In this eventuality, project Waybuloo may have to be activated...