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It's probably obvious to comic-savvy folk from looking around the site, that I'm quite fond of Grant Morrisons writing - And with the writers current level of popularity, there is increasing interest elsewhere in his older works. This entry is intended to be a semi-regular overview of various points in Morrisons comics career. Future entries may include snippets from Near Myths, New Adventures of Hitler, Zoids, and whatever else I can think of. Each article will be accompanied by just enough scans to whet the appetite.

Grant Morrison has been in comics for longer than most people might think. Now a top-selling critically acclaimed writer for DC and Marvel (and occasionally elsewhere), Morrison started out writing and drawing adventure stories for Scottish publisher DC Thompson, as well as creating self published works that would be revisited later in his career. Here's a look at some of the REAL early stuff:

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Starblazer 15 (1979) Algol the Terrible

Star Wars was an obvious inspiration for this tale of spacefarers, javelin-hurling masked men and outlaw space pirates with a mysterious family background. Herne is the hardened adventuring hero of the piece, who teams up with teenage boy Hal in a plot involving mystical medallions and diverse planetary landscapes, as they fulfil their destinies, all the while avoiding the javelin wielding armoured warlord of the title. Selected images are here:
Pages 6 and 7
Pages 12 and 13
Pages 18 and 19
Pages 20 and 21
Pages 22 and 23
Pages 24 and 25
Pages 40 and 41
Pages 64 and 65

Starblazer 28 (1980) Last Man on Earth

Keith Robson provided the art for Morrison story in this, his second issue of eight for Starblazer. Here, we see a lone teen hero travelling through our solar system battling an insane dictatorial computer tyrant, culminating in a showdown in the devastated remains of London with a mystical equation for immortality at stake. Again, it's nowhere near his later standards, but occasionally we see a nugget of characterisation poking through the purple prose.

Pages 8 and 9
Pages 10 and 11
Pages 12 and 13
Pages 50 and 51
Pages 60 and 61
Pages 65 and 65
Page 66


Anonymous said…
Can someone plaese tell me where can I buy starblazer (the full collection), plz contact me at
Rick said…
Hi Dan,

I am not sure if you are still interested in making a complete collection of the Starblazer. Guess what? I am the same guy who asked you where I can buy all the Starblazers on August 22, 2006. It took me 3 years to come up with something which will unite all Starblazer fans. Also, I found out that we care more about the Starblazers than DC Thompson. Join our forum to find out more -

Hope to see you there soon! :)
Dan Fish said…
Hi Rick, Check out the excellent feature and links at
for more info on this series.

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