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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Happy Birthday Ma

Many happy returns to me dear ol' Ma!

Here's an excerpt from a future installment of

One night Win woke me to say she was very wet, the bed was soaking - it could only mean one thing. I went out to the telephone box to order a taxi. On arrival the driver wasn’t too happy about taking Win to the hospital in her condition. The little bag had been ready for some weeks, so off we went to the Salvation Army Hospital at Clapton. Win was taken straight in to the labour ward and Chris and I stayed in the waiting room for a hour or two, then were told to go home and come back next day. It was now early morning and trolley buses were about, so we were able to get home. I visited next day but was told Win was still in the labour ward. Some thirty six hours after going in, a baby girl arrived. We had discussed names but I did not know which one Win was going to choose, so on the first visit after the birth, baby Kathleen was in a cot next to Win.

Thursday, 16 April 2009