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Sunday, 28 September 2008

Comics Must Go!

I might have mentioned before, but in case you've never looked, may I point your attention to my Comics for Sale page? Many of these have gone already, and the rest may soon end up in recycling, charity shops or beside railway sidings.

If there's anything that takes your fancy, let me know quickly, and we'll work out a price. Recent unlisted additions to the pile include Thunderbolts 110 Venom variant, and Robinson/Charest WildCATs run. Drop me an email while stocks last!

Friday, 26 September 2008

Life of Reilly

Back in the 1990's, Marvel Comics released some really quite bad Spider-Man comics. The behind-the-scenes story behind the increasingly convoluted and confused 'Clone Saga' storyline is a fascinating examination of the opposing company and creative forces responsible for the whole mess.

The 35 part essay has been available online for some time, but the authors now have plans to expand and release the project as a book.

"The Clone Saga also gave us The Life of Reilly, though, a unique piece of longform comics journalism that summarizes and explains not only the complex, at times non-sensical plotlines, but more importantly, it includes first-hand reportage of how this story went so horribly awry from the editors, writers and others involved in its creation."

Friday, 19 September 2008


Making its debut at the Birmingham International Comics Show will be my latest MicroComic presentation - "Stuff For You".

Think of it as a little refreshing commercial break to read between greater more worthy tomes.

As well as showcasing modern advances in Male Grooming, this issue also features amazing celebrity cameo appearances, including A-List superstar Christopher Walken*! Walken completists, this is one you won't want to miss.

*(Christopher Walken does not endorse this unnofficial appearance).

Absolutely free, you may find this MicroComic lying around at Birmingham, thrust randomly into your hand, or available on request from myself. Stop me and try one!

(Limited print run of 112 regular editions, plus 16 orange variants!)

Here's a version you can read online, or on your mobile telecommunications device:

Here's a printable version:

Or read it online here: