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Friday, 23 December 2005

Merry Christmas 2005

Dan Clowes Ice Haven

Dan Clowes is a master Comics storyteller, known for his comic Eightball. Stories published in Eightball have included Ghost World, Art School Confidential, David Boring, and The Death Ray. However, this entry is looking at Eightball #22, featuring the story Ice Haven.

Ice Haven is one story cleverly told using multiple viewpoints and different styles, mimicking an anthology format. The story is based around a missing person, but actually is more interested in the relationships between characters, and the human faults and dreams each person possesses.

The story has been reformatted and republished as a Graphic Novel (available on HERE.

The hardback edition has some additional sequences, which in the spirit of Lost and Found, are presented here for your enjoyment. I urge you to purchase the book, it really is a fantastic read.
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This 2.2MB file contains sequences which would have appeared as follows in the Eightball comic:

001 - Cover
002 - Intro (before page 1)
003 - Between pages 10 and 11
004 - Between pages 26 and 27
005 - replacing page 37

For those that bought the book, this 1MB file contains the original comic cover, plus the original version of the Book's page 84 (page 37 in the comic)

Wednesday, 21 December 2005


I am now part of the Bugpowder collective, posting news and links relating to the UK small press comics scene (and beyond!). When I get round to actually posting something, that is. If you have anything to announce, submit via or let me know.

Wednesday, 14 December 2005

Gift Wrapping Formula for Christmas

I originally posted this a few years back, but thought it was a timely opportunity for a reminder:

The formula for a piece of paper to wrap a parcel (dimensions L(Length)*B(Breadth)*H(Height)) is as follows:

(2L+2H+X)*(B+H+X), where X is the required overlap.

This is a more economic version of the widely used version, which was promoted in the national press as being the most economical solution, probably by wrapping paper companies. By using my formula, a saving of H-X per present can be made. Think of all the mince pies that could buy.