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Tuesday, 29 June 2004


The Just 1 Page project collected art donations, from full strips to pin-up pages, into a seventy two page comic magazine. This is available to buy online, having been launched at the Bristol Comics Festival in May 2004.

All original art is to be auctioned via for the Trinity Hospice Charity.
These auctions begin with a spectacular statuette by Jesse Farrell of Paul Grist's Jack Staff.
This will start on Sunday 1st August.

Other items to be auctioned will include contemporary artist's tributes to classic British characters - Steve Pugh's Billy The Cat, Charlie Adlard's James Bond, Gary Northfield's Rupert the Bear, and Hunt Emerson's Andy Capp. Also featured will be a specially donated copy of The Losers #1, with original script by Andy Diggle and thumbnail breakdowns by Jock. (My own Desperate Dan/Minnie the Minx sketch will be auctioned too - Dan)

Many more items will feature, representing a wide range of British artists and characters.

To keep track of the auctions:
To be informed when the auctions are launched email
To see a list of all the art and contributors:
To see some samples of the art:
To buy a copy of the magazine (only £5 +p&p):

Ade Brown
Just 1 Page Charity Comic
See the art, buy the magazine, win the auctions !

Sunday, 27 June 2004

Bristol 2004 Sketches

I've added scans of my Festival Sketches from Bristol Comic Festival 2004 - Featuring work from Comic Superstars Paul Grist, Dave Finch, Gary Erskine, Duncan Fegredo and Steve Yeowell.

Thursday, 24 June 2004

Nice Things List

This was formerly my Birthday list, but I've since added some other really excellent products. Tick the boxes and click the button to add them to your shopping basket. You can always take them out afterwards. By purchasing in this way, not only do you get some really great stuff, but I get a small percentage to put towards the site too.

or McSweeney's Mammoth Treasury of Thrilling Tales: Comics Issue
Egg Story
Alec: How to Be an Artist
American Splendor DVD
The Matrix Revolutions DVD
Quimby the Mouse
Torso: The Definitive Collection
Jinx: The Definitive Collection
Goldfish: The Definitive Collection
Total Sell-Out
Adaptation DVD
Star Wars Trilogy Box Set
New X Men Vol 3
JLA / Avengers Collectors Edition
Shaun of the Dead DVD
Father Ted Box Set

Thursday, 17 June 2004

22 Panels that Always Work

These are Wally Woods 22 Panels that always work - Invaluable if you are drawing comics!