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Sunday, 7 May 2006

Da Vinci

The secrets of Those Da Vinci Coders vs Transformas !
What is the hidden link between the alien race of robotic warriors and the Messiah, and how is this secret encoded in the works of Leo Da Vinci? Find out in this exciting thriller, in no way endorsed or approved by the people behind the recent bestselling book/film or the leading soon-to-be-a-movie toy brand. It is a parody of sorts.

Now available to download!

**UPDATE** 15th May
Wow, this has had a great reaction from people. I am so totally chuffed to hear it was liked.

Here's a printable version:

The inevitable clash between giant robots and millenia-old secrets - Because it HAD to happen:

Debuting at the Bristol Comic Expo: The conspiracy of the century!

This free promo was available from me (or wherever I left them lying about) at the Bristol Comic Expo. Or I'll include one free with any purchase. Or I'll send one if you cover postage.


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