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Thursday, 21 January 2016

Harlow Square in Lego

I built this model of Harlows premier music venue in brick form - here's how.

If you've enjoyed this, you might choose to make a donation; To me, via PayPal, or to one of these charities: Alzheimer's research, Macmillan, British Heart Foundation.

If you have a go at building your own, do let me know how it goes!

Note: the bricks with the brick pattern can be hard to come by - look out for these in the Gingerbread House model, or the Detectives Office set, for example. If you can't get hold of these, try replacing them with plates in various shades of red/brown/tan to achieve the desired effect.


Andy Spiller said...

well done brilliant

Four and a Half Cats said...

New career path Daniel? ;)