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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Sightings of Wallace Sendek

REVIEW of: Sightings of Wallace Sendek
Words: Douglas Noble
Art: Sean Azzopardi

Douglas Noble’s writing style is known for its ability to evoke mood, and that quality is put to good use in this haunting comic, relating the mysterious disappearance (reappearance?) of the titular rockstar, Wallace Sendek. Through a fractured timeline, Douglas and Sean have created a collage of vignettes, perhaps offering a glimpse into the background of the events that led to Sendek’s disappearance, through the sometimes-messianic reactions of his fans and others.

The gorgeous art by Mr Azzopardi lifts this to another plateau, his versatile skills displayed by presenting each mini-story drawn in a different style, contributing to the enigmatic presentation.

A great taster for these two stars of the UK comics scene. I recommend 'Complex' by Noble, and the 'Ed' and 'Necessary Monsters' collections by Azzopardi for some of their best individual work.

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