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Sunday, 1 June 2008

4-3-2-1 reviewed

Andy Luke reviews my 24 hour comic, and he's spot-on with the criticism I think. The Morrison influence was subconcious, and the ending rushed as the 24 hour deadline approached. Still, its available to buy if you want a copy, or you can download from this site. Here's the review, as the hosting site has been playing up a little:

Dan Fish is probably best known to me as a major co-contributor on, and as an occassional cartoonist of tiny A6 minis. This 24 hour comic created at the ICA in October 2006 makes me want to see more of the like. If this is anything to go by Dan should produce more larger pieces.

Its the tale of an astronaut whose rocket ship crashes. During these moments it occurrs to the character a series of flashbacks about his life on Earth. Some of the energies on the page are quite wonderfully kinetic and the marker score makes for some lovely portraits and sequences.

The end of the story doesnt sit well for me in the larger scheme. It seems to lose its way some. That said, it could also be read as a tribute to a wonderful early unfinished Grant Morrison stroryline that ran in Spiderman and Zoids - probably the first indication of a style Morrison would later develop in Animal Man, Doom Patrol and The Invisibles (Genuine.)

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