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Friday, 10 August 2007

Drinks at Mile End

I had the pleasure last night of spending several hours in the company of some of the UK Small Press Scene's brightest luminaries. Several folk on their way to CAPTION had arrived in London, so David Baillie took the opportunity to arrange for them to turn up at his local pub, and a good time was had by all. The host eventually turned up, having got lost on the way.

Following the recent launch of TRIPWIRE magazine (available in Shops now), editor in chief Joel Meadows used the night to discuss possible future articles, many of which sounded very interesting, if faintly litigious.

Also present were Leon Hewitt, Matt Badham, Andrew Colman and 'Comics Foxiest Chick' Bridgeen Gillespie, a veritable think-tank of movers and shakers. Each had many ideas to share which could easily shape the future of Small Press, and even the world!

Sadly I had to leave to catch my train, so I'm sure I missed all the best ideas, which would have pickled and percolated to perfection throughout the night. Still, next time you experience something new and revolutionary, there's a chance that it had it's origin last night in the east end of London.

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Bridgeen Gillespie said...

That's very funny Dan. Can i have that on a badge please? B :)