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Tuesday, 22 May 2007

The BAFTA is surely mine

Had a strange day today - I played the part of a troubled viewer for a 'Points of View' segment, a performance for which must surely be in the running for a BAFTA.

It all started when I read THIS, followed by THIS, then wrote an email basically saying the new policy was a bit rubbish. The Beeb phoned me back to come on the show and give a grilling to the head of Marketing. Unfortunately, I hadn't prepared that well, but hopefully my bit will make some sort of sense with some clever editing.

This being TV, it was all filmed out of order - We did the interview first, then filmed me asking the questions again, then filmed me arriving, then leaving. Unfortunately, we didn't employ the blue box for that. (Say, that look kind of suits me! Hope they keep me in mind when auditioning for the next series.)

You can probably see me making a fool of myself on TV this Sunday. Thankfully, I'll be leaving the country the next day.

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