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Tuesday, 28 March 2006

Alias Omnibus

Ooh, the Alias Omnibus is out soon. Consider this highly recommended by myself.

This is Bendis at his best, skirting the Super-hero world with character-led drama, as the lead character, the alliteratively-appellationed Jessica Jones attempts to sort her life out, by coming to terms with her failed super-hero past. She reminds me a little of Maura Tierney's character in ER.

Most of the art was by the fantastic Michael Gaydos (with selected flashbacks from Mark Bagley, but don't let that put you off). This collects all 28 issues of the series, plus a one-off issue showing a hypothetical alternate route her life might have taken.

Jessica’s story continued in Marvel Comics ‘The Pulse’, which with any luck will get similar treatment, though if not, trade paperback versions are available at the usual places. (Here's Volume One, and Volume Two)

Amazon has it for £30.35 at time of writing, which is dead cheap for a 592 page hardcover.

(The many fans of the character 'Speedball' will also want to look out for his guest appearances within this volume)

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