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Monday, 28 May 2007

Points Of View

Look! I was on telly! You can watch it online at the BBC website, if you really want to. Apparently, its true that the TV adds 10Ibs, and makes your voice sound funny!

Bionic Woman Preview

Thanks to artist Roger Langridge (currently drawing Muppets 'Pigs In Space' comics!), I can now bring this blogs infatuation with new Bionic Woman Michelle Ryan back to comics, since he posted this illustration on his blog:

Also, NBC posted this preview footage:


Tuesday, 22 May 2007

The BAFTA is surely mine

Had a strange day today - I played the part of a troubled viewer for a 'Points of View' segment, a performance for which must surely be in the running for a BAFTA.

It all started when I read THIS, followed by THIS, then wrote an email basically saying the new policy was a bit rubbish. The Beeb phoned me back to come on the show and give a grilling to the head of Marketing. Unfortunately, I hadn't prepared that well, but hopefully my bit will make some sort of sense with some clever editing.

This being TV, it was all filmed out of order - We did the interview first, then filmed me asking the questions again, then filmed me arriving, then leaving. Unfortunately, we didn't employ the blue box for that. (Say, that look kind of suits me! Hope they keep me in mind when auditioning for the next series.)

You can probably see me making a fool of myself on TV this Sunday. Thankfully, I'll be leaving the country the next day.

Friday, 18 May 2007

Bristol Comic Expo Aftermath

This Spray Art was created in a side room over the weekend, and was proabably overlooked by many.  I thought it was great!
Finally recovered from last week's Bristol Comic Expo enough to write a short post about it!

Was nice to catch up with different bunches of people around the bar or in the train shed. Big Shout out to the usual suspects. Sorry if I missed anyone.

I distributed a fair sized stack of my latest minicomic, as well as a limited run of my Nephew's debut effort.

I got a couple of nice sketches from D'Israeli and Roger Landridge (inspired by the rescheduling of Doctor Who that Eurovision weekend).

Also, managed to avoid running into my ex-girlfriend (and her new bloke) too much. Bonus!

Monday, 14 May 2007

Michelle Ryan fans rejoice!

My website hits have increased exponentially since I posted a picture of Michelle Ryan following the announcement of her playing the new Bionic Woman, so for all the new visitors to my site, here's a treat - Access Hollywood has the first preview footage.

Love on the Rocks

I have a two page strip entitled 'Tales from the Pub Portentious: Love on the Rocks' in Portent Presents 2, from Harlow-based Portent Comics. The strip has a strange origin, it was created ages ago for another mag, which fell through. I completely rescripted it into something else for this. There doesn't seem to be any detail on the Portent website yet, but it's £3 I believe, and I'm sure they'd be happy to sell you a copy.

UPDATE (June 2011):
Dedicated with respect to James Redington, the brains behind Portent Comics, who sadly passed away 4 years ago.

Read Online:

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Dead Elvis

My latest Minicomic is entitled 'Dead Elvis', and can be found at the Bristol Comic Expo.

A reformatted version may be put up here at some point, but for now, its an "Expo Exclusive"!

You will also have the chance to buy copies of '4321', my 24 hour comic, direct from me for £1, or available as a swap.

Dead Elvis Update!! - Now available online here:

Printable version:

Read Online:

A Smackeroo on the back of her hand

The Daily Show covers the coverage of the Queens visit, with amusing results!

Slaine and Arkham Asylum Trailers

This Website has some nice looking fake trailers for non-existent films based on comics. They're in Spanish, but worth checking out for the stunning visuals. Warp Spasm!

UPDATE: Now with Subtitles!

Saturday, 5 May 2007

Free Comic Book Day

Nice to hear Paul Gambaccini give FCBD a plug on his radio show today, by playing Michael Buble's version of the Spider-Man theme.

Sadly I didn't get to a comic shop to pick up any free comics - But I did download a few mags from Twomorrows (still available until Sunday), so its not all bad.

Friday, 4 May 2007

Tintin Interviews - Chris Ware

There are a bunch of interviews here with different cartoonists talking about Herge's Tintin. Chris Ware had some interesting stuff to say:
...As for "storytelling," I think this is one of comics' esthetic hurdles at the moment, which was the novelist's problem 150 years ago: namely, to take comics from storytelling into that of "writing," the major distinction between the two to me being that the former gives one the facts, but the latter tries to recreate the sensation and complexities of life within the fluidity of consciousness and experience. As far as I'm concerned, that's really all I've been trying to do formally for the past decade or more with comics, and it's certainly time-consuming, since it has to be done with drawings, not words.

Thursday, 3 May 2007

Know how to make a wormhole?

Abelard Snazz, thinker, genius.
Science Fiction continues to be proven right:
The objects scientists think are black holes could instead be wormholes leading to other universes, a new study says. ..."Theoretically, wormholes are much better than black holes"

So, that settles the question of 'What's best?', but the problem remains - Just how are Wormholes made?

"I see Robots... Giants worm-shaped Robots...", a leading thinker was heard to propound.